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Workshop C: DAY 2: Tryouts

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

The workshop's second day started with a discussion on the ways the scenography can be integrated in the scenic exploration. A new floor was installed, with various materials brought in the workshop space, such as sand, pebbles, stones, gelatines, aluminium foil, different sorts of light sources, placed next to each other; a material pool for building a scenographic landscape. The team spent some time to experiment with and practice the text of Two Women/Dio kopelies in Greek and in English.

The day continued with three tryouts, which were all limited to a duration of 10', with a basic direction of entering -> "arriving" to the text part -> leaving. After the first tryout, the team needed to try a "ridiculed" version of what they had been working on; something to bring more (and lighter) energy in the group and on stage.

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