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Workshop C: DAY 5: Tryout and discussion with invited artists

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

The team split the last day of the workshop in two parts: during the first part they continued exploring variations and a dramaturgy that could bring them on stage, a sort of macro-composition, while the second part was devoted to a final open tryout with invited audience, followed by a discussion.

A video of the open tryout:

The day finished with a discussion with the invited artists, sharing feedback and thoughts on the tryout itself, the platform's overall research and the upcoming rounding off of the platform in autumn 2017. RE-FUSE would like to thank Boris Bezemer, Trevor Ghral, David Jonas, Genevieve Murphay, Martijn Buser, Beatriz Suárez Serrats, Maciej Sado, Boyan Montero, Ruud Kluten for being part of Workshop C's closing day.

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