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Workshop C: DAY 4: New variations

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

Day 4 started with trying out a number of new variations on the chosen material Two Women/Dio Kopelies, with a focus on music. The team worked on different musical approaches; from written score to a rhythmic kaleidoscope, and to using the actual structure and intonation of the chosen text as musical material. At the end of the day all variations were put together into a draft dramaturgy and tested in a tryout. The team explored the performative aspects that emerged and the ways to "arrive to" and "depart from" each of the variations on stage.

The satisfaction of getting to know a certain material more in depth, exploring its possible manifestations on stage, as well as the concrete additional material that was brought to the workshop, were productive forces that helped the team to tune back in to a creative working mode.

Three videos of the team working on the different variations of Two Women/Dio Kopelies:

A video of the day's tryout:

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