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Workshop B: DAY 2: Tests and first tryouts

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

During the workshop's second day the team spent time testing a couple of ideas and materials, such as "Pepe's numbers" and "Tzeni's hug". Practicing certain ideas proved to be necessary in order to be able to move on exploring and developing. A challenge encountered as well in Workshop A reappeared; How to work together while the team consists of artists with various skills of different level?

A first observation was that the team needed to lower in a collective way the level of their skills in order to be able to deeply understand each other's artistic starting point, as for each artist it was essential to try with his/her own body and voice the many combined practices.

Two video excerpts of DAY 2:

The second half of the day was used for tryouts; a combination of structured improvisation and tests of performative ideas:

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