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Workshop B: DAY 4: Focus and rehearse

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

During the fourth day of the workshop the team decided to spend more time on practicing specific parts that where challenging, either for the members with a theatre background or for the ones with a musical or dance background.

While DAYS 2 & 3 were more difficult to go through, as the way of working together did not seem to lead to interesting results, in DAY 4 things started to function better, with the team having been warmed up throughout the workshop.

A few tests with the scenic environment took place, trying different materials as a floor, as well as how to integrate the rooms system as a way to divide space into parts of different functions. Roleof Pothuis' idea of a floor that can make sound, depending on how the performers move on it, as well as having a dynamic texture, was something the team found very interesting and decided to include it in the workshop.

At the end of the day the team prepared for a tryout that would put together the work that had been done up till that point. It was becoming apparent that the outcome of Workshop B would be more of a draft performance, rather than a tryout with a focus on performative ideas and approaches of how to work together. On the other hand, aren't these two points inter-depended, including one another?

A video excerpt of DAY 4:

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