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Workshop B: DAY 1: Back in the studio

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

The RE-FUSE team met again together in Athens for Workshop B, hosted by the Alternative Stage of the Greek National Opera. During the first four days of the workshop the artists worked at the opera's facilities in Kallithea, while in the fifth and last day they moved downtown to Olympia Theatre, which used to be the opera's main stage up until the beginning of 2017.

DAY 1 was focused on refreshing the selected, as well as new material brought in by some of the artists, based on what the team discussed in Online Roundtable B. The idea of working through functional rooms in order to further explore performative ideas and ways to work together was adjusted accordingly. A question about the use of space was set by the team, with a special interest in the floor itself.

Two video excerpts of DAY 1:

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