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Workshop A: DAY 5: Tryout and discussion with invited artists

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

The last day of the workshop unfolded in three parts: exploring material, tryout (open rehearsal) and discussion with invited artists. The team worked further on conduction, a technique developed by Butch Morris, which combines conducting with instant composing, and other material that was decided it was worth it to dive in deeper. Of course, every material came together with a set of related performative ideas and approaches, born throughout the workshop.

Two video excerpts of DAY 5 (exploration part):

During the lunch break the team made a selection of materials to use for the tryout; an attempt towards a series of different scenes, put together without a narrative. The tryout was attended by a small group of invited artists and professionals in the art sector, who the RE-FUSE platform would like to thank for their presence and feedback: Anthony Heidweiller, Martijn Buser, Yannis Kyriakides, Jan Nieuwenhuis, Trevor Grahl, Thomas Vandewalle.

Anthony Heidweiller, the Artistic Associate Director of Opera Forward Festival, invited the RE-FUSE team to showcase the results of Workshop A at the festival's 2016 parallel program.

Two video excerpts of the tryout:

A video excerpt of the discussion with invited artists, following the tryout:

The platform's first workshop ended in a very nice atmosphere, with a rich amount of performative explorations and the formation of a collective; ten artists who formed a common sense of artistic presence and scenic communication, merging practices and creative processes. However, more questions got born, with the most prominent being: How do we move on?

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