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Workshop A: DAY 3 Recurring material

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

During the workshop's third day the team worked on less material. They focused on repeating controlled improvisations on specific texts and photographs that derived from the "library room". A material that kept coming back from DAY 1 till 3 was The Suppliants by Aeschylus, an excerpt of which got stretched into an entire scene that seemed to be keeping the same micro-dramaturgy through every improvised retake.

How can improvisation be a collaborative tool; a way to create?

On DAY 3 the team started integrating more consciously the skills of every member. A series of questions came up: would the research on interdisciplinary tools and approaches be degraded, if every artist contributed to the work on stage only through their artistic background? Would this mean that the very interesting blurred borderlines between artistic fields would become rigid? In that case, would the team end up with a creative process that is found in a conventional theatre production, where every professional "does his/her job"?

The interest in getting acquainted with each other's artistic field was strong enough to keep the team on the track of sharing skills, tools and approaches, in order to attempt redesigning and combining them on a later stage.

Two video excerpts from DAY 3:

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