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Presentations | GNO: DAYS 5-6: Scenic Documentary

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

The RE-FUSE team presented in Athens a scenic documentary that functioned both as a retrospective and a summary of the platform's two-year-long course. This hybrid format included an introduction, a short video documentary of the platform's two-year-long course, a performative tryout on stage, as well as a discussion on music theatre with the audience.

The presentation lasted about 60', including the discussion with the audience, taking place twice at the Alternative Stage of the Greek National Opera, on 2 & 3 November 2017. The video documentary (11') included excerpts of the team's online roundtables, the physical workshops, the educational workshop and the draft presentations at Gaudeamus Music Week. The performative tryout (25'), which crossfaded with the video documentary, included material, tools and practices that were developed throughout the platform's research.

The RE-FUSE team were the hosts, makers and performers of the scenic documentary, consisting of: Tzeni Argyriou (GR) – choreographer, Argyro Chioti (GR) – stage director, Thanasis Deligiannis (GR/NL) – composer, George Dumitriu (RO/NL) – violinist & violist, Pepe Garcia (MX/NL) – percussionist, Richard Haynes (AU/CH) – clarinetist, Kieran Klaassen (NL/US) – network programmer, Els Mondelaers (BE/NL) - singer, Roelof Pothuis (NL) – set designer & lighting designer, Efthimis Theou (GR/DE) - actor, Bas Wiegers (NL) - conductor. The team was supported by Kieran Klassen - web developer (NL/US) and Vassiliki Sourri - production & artistic assistant (GR).

A video registration of the presentations at the Alternative Stage of the GNO:

RE-FUSE finalised its activities with the presentations at the Alternative Stage of the GNO, which initiated the platform in collaboration with Gaudeamus, enabling an artistic research on music theatre for the years 2016-2017. The RE-FUSE platform would like to thank all the artists who attended the workshops' open tryouts and where part of the follow-up discussions, the audience that attended the scenic documentary presentations in Utrecht and in Athens, as well as all the technicians who supported the team throughout their research.

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