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Online Roundtable A: DAY 3: Expectations

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

During the last day of the online roundtable the team members shared their expectations about the platform’s results, as well as the points of interest for each of them regarding the platform’s scopes. Here is a brief structure:

INTRO: Live video of Thanasis (today’s context)

VIDEO CHAT round #1 8’

VIDEO CHAT round #2 8’


  • What do you expect from this platform?

  • What do you expect from our first workshop?

  • What are you interested in exploring/researching further in your work this period (regardless the music-theatre field)?

VIDEOS of the team at work:





VIDEOS of what can music theatre be for the team:





CHAT in 4 chat rooms under different topics 16’:

  • space and time: In what way does space affect your perception of time when working within your discipline?

  • body on stage: How does a/your body exist on stage within your discipline’s context

efthimis80 [3:56 PM]
u know
i was watching the Marthaler piece
and i was seeing the 2 dancers
i mean
elsamondelaers [3:57 PM]
yesss... it was the beat furrer piece?
efthimis80 [3:57 PM]
what's the reason the bodies of singers in opera for example are not like that?
i mean really asking, they are not treated like that
is it loss of interest 
or luck of ability?  
elsamondelaers [3:58 PM]
in opera... the voice and technique is priority...
you know... the opera is a big institute... often the singers don't dare to take risks in playing... or they are trained in an operatic way...
baswiegers [3:59 PM]
Opera grew from a very different tradition I guess. It came from "Drama in musica”, as Monteverdi started it. But music was always first.
elsamondelaers [3:59 PM]
what means... acting big (big halls).... in stereotypes...
and they want to sing the arias everybody knows by heart perfect...
baswiegers [4:00 PM]
And music business is Very Conservative.
elsamondelaers [4:00 PM]
And the public can be very conservative...
efthimis80 [4:00 PM]
yes but a different body cannot produce that music ? (sorry i come from theatre i really don't know..)
baswiegers [4:00 PM]
If you look into contemporary opera (singers like Cathy Barbarian sort of started this) it is much more flexible.
Look at Barbara Hannigan performing Ligeti. Totally different world.
  • interdisciplinarity: Do you believe there are hierarchy issues in music theatre, combining multiple art disciplines?

richardehaynes [3:52 PM]
Interdisciplinarity is problematic when the roles remain divided. Somehow everyone has to be ‘total artists’ and not confined to certain roles.
thanasis [3:52 PM]
so as you wrote - which I really liked - a way is to train all together on a base and apply each one's special skills
richardehaynes [3:53 PM]
We had clear roles, it was more about the transmission of information between people.
thanasis [3:53 PM]
to differentiate
richardehaynes [3:53 PM]
The ability for a group to be a ‘mass’ and then singular ‘bodies’ is important, if it’s important for the piece.
elsamondelaers [3:54 PM]
Experience the same material...
and then use it in your own way...
thanasis [3:54 PM]
I miss the curiosity as well, from the performers themselves. When working on a music-theatre production or anyway an interdisciplinary one.
People tend to just stay on what they know
While they could explore all together from scratch, within a production - during the research period (rehearsals)
elsamondelaers [3:55 PM]
often it stays "split" because "lack of time"...
or no budget... 
  • speech as music / music as speech: What is the function of the voice in a music-theatre production? Where does music meet speech, when does speech become music?

baswiegers [4:01 PM]
there is this one composer that I want to bring in the group
I mean he is dead
but his music is great to have a look at
elsamondelaers [4:02 PM]
which one?
baswiegers [4:02 PM]
Robert Ashley
Have you heard of his music ?
elsamondelaers [4:02 PM]
The name is familiar... but I can't remember a piece
baswiegers [4:02 PM]
Tap Dancing in the Sand
It´s him reciting a text, the ensemble “following” him.
He found such an organic way of making it happen, really nice.
elsamondelaers [4:03 PM]
That's cool...
baswiegers [4:04 PM]
I should look into his music, maybe I can bring something to our live workshops.
elsamondelaers [4:04 PM]
That would be great... to look for ways to combine speech and music...
baswiegers [4:04 PM]
Do you have composers / pieces that spring to mind also?
elsamondelaers [4:05 PM]
An interesting question is always in an theatre piece is... when do you start singing...
baswiegers [4:05 PM]
and WHY??
elsamondelaers [4:05 PM]
what's the meaning of it when it's not the main code to sing...

VIDEO CHAT all together!


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