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Presentations | GMW: DAYS 1-3: Rehearsals

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

The RE-FUSE platform was invited by Gaudeamus to present the progress of its research during the Gaudeamus Music Week in Utrecht; a new music festival that attracts composers, instrumentalists and scholars from all over the world. The team had three days to further explore the results of Workshop C and decide on the format of the presentation.

In order to both share their progress, but as well avoid the impression of giving a performance, the team chose a hybrid format of that of a scenic documentary, containing performative material, video fragments from the workshops, images of scores and texts, as sharing with the audience questions and issues that rose throughout the research.

The text fragment of Two Women/Dio Kopelies was used both in English and Greek, summing up the material as an accident in the water :

The water is shining and we dive in.

Both of us in the water.

We swim towards the large steamship.

The ship sways in the waves.


Stop waves to move.

Who’s the one swimming?

Let’s swim till the ship.

Two women swim in the waves.

Help, we are drowning!

Green fish are dancing around us.

During the rehearsal days Argyro Chioti, the team's stage director, introduced a tool she called the circuit, which was used to create a common space awareness on stage and a common approach towards addressing and interacting with each other.

Two videos of the rehearsal days:

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