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Educational Workshop: DAYS 1-2: Online Roundtable

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

GNO’s Learning and Participation Department, in collaboration with the RE-FUSE platform, organised an educational workshop for emerging Greek artists. Four of the platform's members selected nine participants for the workshop, which was divided in two parts: an online roundtable and a physical workshop.

The participants were:

Thekla Flouri, actor

Vicky Itsiou, dancer

Antonia Zoi Kafka, singer

Anastasia Koukioglou, violinist

Apostolis Koutsogiannis, composer

Anastasia Margouta, choreographer

Dimitra Remidianaki, violinist

Leda Simota El Jayousi, stage director

Artemis Vavatsika, accordionist

The online roundtable took place on 19-20 September 2017. On DAY 1 the participants and the tutors got to know each other's work, while DAY 2 functioned as an introduction to music theatre.

DAY 1 | Getting to know each other (who we are and what RE-FUSE is)


15’ Introduction

● 15’ one-minute-long videos of each participant describing their art field What are you currently interested in exploring further in your art field?

● 30’ video chats x3 sets

● 15’ one-minute-long videos of each participant about their work

● 30’ discussions in 3 chatrooms 1st round Have you worked with artists of different art fields than yours? What was interesting / challenging to you in such a collaboration? 2nd round How do you deal in your work with: (your) body, the body in space, sound, (your) voice

DAY 2 | Music theatre


● 20’ Revisiting yesterday's discussions and highlighting interesting parts

● 60’ examples of music theatre (sound/video) and real time discussion on them

Have you noticed music qualities in day life speech?

Could they be organised / used on stage?

15’ The goals and framework of the upcoming physical workshop in Athens: sound as stage event / stage event as sound

relation between language and music

END of the online roundtable

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