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Online Roundtable B: DAY 2: Approaches

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

The roundtable's second day was initially divided into five parts:

PART A 25': Discuss the theme-sentences of the previous day, composing a guide-text

PART B 15': Explaining how the online tryouts will be conducted

PART C 15': Online research of material

PART D 20': Online tryout #1 (half of the group takes part, the rest observe) and discussion

PART E 20': Online tryout #2 (the other half takes part, the rest observe) and discussion

Despite the above preconceived planning, the team spent the entire roundtable on PART A, with the online tryouts not taking place. Through a group video call, they created a pool of ideas about how to approach the theme that emerged; the stranger, by sharing thoughts on how to work as a group with the content that was generated in Workshop A.

During the online roundtable an important decision was taken on the question should the research platform lead to a performance? The team concluded that in order to test and redesign interdisciplinary tools and approaches in the most fruitful and sensible way, they should not proceed on a theoretical basis, but rather work towards the making of a performance with a focus on the creative process itself.

Finalising their discussion, the team composed the following guide-text:

The performance deals with the subject of the stranger.

A single story refracted by the kaleidoscope of individual experience.

The ever appearing stranger in constant movement. The one that appears on our door and the one that is waiting for us at the end of a journey. An individual in front of a group of strangers or a group in front of a single stranger.

Is the audience the stranger? The observer? Do they take part? The situation is never quite that simple...

The performance is attempting to see "a stranger" through different points of view and from many perspectives shaped by meetings and curiosity. What remains authentic?

The team's group video call, discussing how to move on:

Bas Wieger's notes (the platform's conductor); ideas on how to move on:

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